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In California, only a licensed talent agent can look for a job for the artists he represents. Managers can`t do that. A booking agent must therefore obtain a license from a talent agency in California to look for a job for the artists they represent. If a manager tries to get a job for an artist without a talent agency license in California, the contract they have with their artist may be invalidated by the California laboratory commissioner, and he may even be required to repay some or all of the commissions they received as part of their contract. Duration: Duration is the duration of the contract, which often comes into play when you sign with an agent or manager. A contract is an agreement between the various parties, which must be legally applicable in the event of a breach of the agreement. Pay attention to short contracts — they probably lack important provisions and suggest that the production company may not be as legitimate or experienced as you might think. “Anything below two pages is suspicious,” Romano says. And if you`re a union member, don`t be discouraged by the idea that it`s a standard union contract that prevents you from reading with a skeptical eye. Sometimes companies add “drivers” – additions at the end of a contract – to amend the agreement.

And after the contract is signed? Make sure you receive a final copy of the agreement after you and the other party have signed it. People – including the actor – usually want to sign contracts to focus on what is described in the document (for example. B the number of hours of repetition per day) or to attach it to the other party (for example. B the amount they pay to the actor). In the end, you could sign one for each project you`re working on, whether it`s a regional theatre performance, a Broadway show, a role in a television pilot or the lead role in a feature film. However, many talent agents only specialize in specific areas. So it`s not uncommon to have a talented agent for film, television and music, when you have a whole other literary agent for all the books you could write, and if you`re a model, have a modeling management agency that represents you for your modeling career. It is a kind of legal horror story, especially in the world of entertainment law. Caitlin Sanchez, the young synchronous spokesperson who originally starred on Nickelodeon`s “Dora the Explorer,” had only 22 minutes to complete her network contract as soon as she was bugged for the role.

She signed the contract, but after discovering that the franchise had probably earned more than $11 billion worldwide since 2000, she assumed she wasn`t fully paid for her work. The teenager filed a complaint against the network in 2010, with accusations that he had been promised leftovers and income from merchandising – and that the network had not paid. When all was said and done, Sanchez had much less than she thought she would earn — a $500,000 tally, less taxes and legal fees. As with modeling agency contracts, in many countries, talent agency or artist agency contracts provide that the talent agency may receive, in addition to its commission on all payments made for your services, an additional service fee from clients for whom you provide your services.