Chaplain Agreement

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The chaplain is a member of the interdisciplinary patient care team. This person is involved in patient care planning and documents all relevant interventions in the patient care file Any organization wishing to be a chaplain in Victoria through the ASC can express interest by email to Chaplains must comply with all state and Commonwealth laws, as well as all national and non-governmental education policies, including heads of state and government, including guidelines on the protection of children, reporting, privacy, anti-discrimination, human rights, and the establishment and retention of student records. To the extent that there is a conflict between a school policy or an organization policy that employs the chaplain or with which the chaplain is connected, government/non-governmental policy predominates. To fund a chaplain through the National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP), all Victorian schools are now available for 2021 and 2022 funding. Funds are available for government, Catholic and independent schools. As part of the Commonwealth 2019-2022 Project Agreement, Commissioner eSafety`s office provides all NSCP chaplains with a professional learning package to respond and prevent. As part of their commitment, chaplains must follow these guidelines and sign a code of conduct. For more information, see: Code of Conduct (docx – 37.35kb) A description of the chaplains` position can be found at: Description of the position of the NSCP chaplain (docx – 45.59kb) The chaplain`s duties and responsibilities could include: schools and chaplain providers participating in the NSCP are required: Report to the Division to ensure that chaplains and service providers work in accordance with service agreements and program guidelines. Each selected school campus receives $20,280 per year for 2 years or $24,336 per year for schools in remote areas. The funds will be used to hire a chaplain who will provide 400 hours of chaplain service per year.

Chaplains must enter into an agreement with the ministry to provide services in public schools: the chaplain is trained in the crisis and actively participates in the interdisciplinary patient care team. This person promotes a healing environment, spiritual and emotional health for … Funding is provided directly by schools. Schools may, at their discretion, acquire additional services from a chaplain. Participation in the Commonwealth-funded program is voluntary and 613 Victorian schools currently receive $20,280 per year ($24,336 per year for remote schools) to hire a chaplain who provides at least 400 hours of chaplain services per year.