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1. The Government of Benin wishes to delay the application of Article 6 of the Customs Assessment Agreement of the value calculated for a period of three years from the application of all other provisions of this agreement. 6. Members recognise that it is desirable to promote technology transfer and capacity building in the pharmaceutical sector in order to solve the problem faced by MEPs who do not have or have production capacity in the pharmaceutical sector. To this end, eligible importing members and exporting members are encouraged to use the system to promote this objective. Members undertake to pay particular attention to the transfer of technology and capacity building of the pharmaceutical sector in the context of work to be carried out in accordance with Article 66.2 of this agreement, paragraph 7 of the declaration on the TRIPS and Public Health Agreement, and all other relevant work of the TRIPS DES Council. (ii) if the member has some production capacity in this sector, it has examined that capacity and found that, with the exception of the capabilities owned or controlled by the patent holder, it is currently insufficient to meet its needs. If this capacity is found to be sufficient to meet the member`s needs, the system will no longer be applied. (i) the member concerned found that it did not have production capacity in the pharmaceutical sector; De vertaling van het hierboven afgedrukte Protocol tot wijziging van de TRIPS-Overeenkomst van 6 december 2005 luidt als volgt: 3.

In order to use economies of scale to increase purchasing power and local drug production: is a WTO member of a developing country or a least developed country party to a regional trade agreement under Article XXIV of the 1994 GATT and the decision of 28 November 1979 on the stability and participation of developing countries (L/4903), made up of countries currently on the United Nations list of least developed countries, The commitment of this member, article 31, in the form of Article 31 , in the form of a compulsory authorisation, for the export of a drug manufactured or imported in that Member State to the markets of other contracting parties in developed or least developed countries. regional trade agreement that shares the health problem in question. It goes without saying that this will not affect the territorial nature of the patent rights in question. For other eligible import members, the production capacity of the products concerned may be insufficient or non-existent in one of the following ways: members of the least developed countries are considered insufficient or not at all in terms of production capacity in the pharmaceutical sector. (ii) confirms that the importing member concerned, which is not a Member State with the least developed country, has found that it has insufficient or no production capacity in the pharmaceutical sector for the products concerned, on one of the possibilities exposed to the annex of this annex; and joint communications containing the information required under this paragraph may be made by the regional organizations covered by Article 31 bis, paragraph 3, on behalf of the approved importing members who use the system who are contracting parties, with the agreement of those parties. . 7. De raad voor de handelsaspecten van de intellectuale eigendom (TRIPS) evalueert jaarlijks het functioneren van het stelsel met het oog op een efficiénte werking en brengt hierover jaarlijks verslag uit bij de algemene raad.