Mediation Agreement Alberta

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Alberta Justice, Resolution Services, Dispute Resolution Officer Program (DRO) – Calgary. This program is for all parties in Calgary who are competing for child support in the Sinen`s Bench Court. The parties must attend a DRO meeting before appearing in court. When a custody agreement is reached, a consent order can be developed and its dispute can be resolved: or DRO by e-mail. In a communication of March 31, 2020, the Court encouraged lawyers and the public to have access to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to reduce delays and reduce the Court`s delay, following the easing of restrictions on personal attendance in our courtrooms following Covid-19: co-parents – a tool to enable families to solve their own educational problems. The platform includes online mediation and coaching, coronavirus safety plans, parenting plans, vacation and vacation plans, agreements, education and support. For a period of 60 days during the pandemic, this tool is made available free of charge to Alberta families. For more information, see Families can register online and start using the coParenter tools by clicking on this link: A court cannot require one party to pay the other party`s debts or participate in a common debt, but mediation can provide a solution. For example, if your ex keeps a joint venture, it makes sense for the company`s debts to go with him or her, and mediation may prescribe this debt relief (but there is no guarantee that the creditor tends to cooperate – in this case, refinancing is a viable option).

Sometimes a spouse who has to pay for spousal assistance would rather pay a third party than his ex directly. The courts are naturally reluctant to go with such a requirement, but if it is a deal-breaker for the paying spouse, it can be carefully arranged in mediation. In mediation, you have the opportunity to work with a parent coordinator to determine child custody issues and you can even delegate certain decisions to the coordinator and not to a judge. What happens in mediation remains in meditation. Mediation is a confidential process that – [many outgoing spouses think it is very desirable – especially those with significant assets. While the courts can seal family records, they don`t often do so. In addition, a court`s decision could attract interest, including from creditors, economic competitors, the Canada Revenue Agency, the police, children`s aid, professional disciplinary boards and the media (if you are worthy of information by chance). Mediation requires compromise. You and your spouse must be prepared to arbitrate without quarrels or difficulties.

Divorce mediation may not be appropriate for all outgoing couples; However, the cost of mediation is less expensive than if you and your spouse have paid for a lawyer who represents you in court.