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This Hold prohibits registration, graduation and verification of registration. The academic calendar is managed by the Chancery and is your best resource for important academic appointments and deadlines, such as the first day of the course, vacation breaks, payment deadlines, registration and advice deadlines, etc. It is planned and published several semesters in advance so that you can plan accordingly. This lock prohibits registration. It is required every six months. The UNG Chancellery maintains and protects the official academic record for all students. The Chancellor is committed to accomplishing his mission by providing services to students, teachers and staff. Services include registration, registration certification, academic maintenance of registration and transcription, and certification of diplomas. The Chancery makes essential administrative and student support services more effective, effective and accessible to the DETS community.

Please check your BannerWeb account for all holds. All student-holds must be resolved before registration. The period during which current enrollees plan/register for the next semester`s courses. It`s important to register on the first registration date, so prepare ahead by participating in weeks of counselling and planning your schedule in advance. You can confirm your registration date and registration period and search BannerWeb for registration documents (for example. B, incomplete vaccination documents, unpaid parking tickets or library fees). To find your data and registration times, log on to the UNG Banner Web and follow these links: This stopping point prohibits registration, transcription and graduation The National Student Clearinghouse is the certified certification officer for registration checks at the University of North Georgia. Current official registration certificates are available to students via their banner account after the end of the drop-down/add period.

Options for future deadlines (pre-registration or extension) and all previous records are also available. Your transcript is the official record of your academic work at UNG. It lists all the courses you have tried and the graduation notes you have received, as well as the diplomas you have received, if any. You can complete and improve your secondary education program by registering as a joint university student. The courses taken by joint registration lead to a diploma at the university, but not to the credits of the high school. You are responsible for teaching, books, course fees and all mandatory fees. If you wish to participate as a joint enrollment student, you must meet the requirements of the Dual Enkenrollment program. Students who participate in joint registration cannot reside in the residences.

The requirements of the students` health services were not met. You can ask the College Board to send your SAT scores to #5497 or #0848 your ACT points to the account, regardless of which campus you want to visit. The results of the tests printed on the transcripts of the high school or university are not accepted. A digital representation of all your academic performance. UNG includes any class for which you have received an academic score in the overall amp calculation (transfer scores are included in the overall amp calculation; Notes and grades for learning aid classes are not).