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In the services of the China Post, Chinese vendors gained access to solutions through outdated UPU agreements, in which China was an “undeveloped” country. Because of this structure, rates (until June 2020) for some postal companies (until June 2020) are often significantly lower than the cost of the target mail to deliver the parcel from the date of receipt of the parcel – so that companies can sell goods at margins inaccessible by your normal domestic business simply because they have access to cheap mail delivery solutions. UpU `files` are intergovernmental agreements adopted by a UPU “congress” or by the UPU Postal Operations Council. The UPU, now an arm of the United Nations, was founded in 1874 by the Treaty of Bern. Prior to this agreement, cross-border mailing of letters was complex and often costly. Some countries had bilateral postal agreements, others did not. It was difficult to send a letter to someone in a country that did not have a mutual agreement with your country. You should rely on a redirect service. You might even have added stamps from any country through which your letter went.

The Postal Operations Council (OCB) is a standing committee of the UPU (see below). The POC adopts the Mail and Parcel Post Regulations – together the “regulations” – which regulate specific aspects of the exchange of documents and parcels. The POC also adopts regulations for the implementation of the postal service contract. General regulations, conventions and agreements specify the conditions for the adoption of proposals that affect them. In accordance with the agreed compromise, the United States and any other country that decides to declare the rates themselves pays a total of $40 million per year to the organization to fund security initiatives and contribute to retirement with staff. In order to develop communication between peoples through the efficient functioning of postal services and to contribute to the achievement of the noble objectives of international cooperation in the cultural, social and economic fields, plenipotentiaries of the governments of the contracting states have adopted this Constitution subject to ratification. “What we`re going to do is make the USPS option more consistent with the rest of the market,” a White House official told CNBC. “It could benefit FedEx and UPS, but not at the expense of the USPS.” You can check the parcel tracker in your national mail.

You can find the website of your national contribution in our list of member countries. Membership or application for EU membership must include a formal declaration of adherence to the Constitution and the eu`s compulsory acts. It is addressed by the Government of the country concerned to the Director General of the International Office, who notifies membership or consults with Member States on the application for membership. In the event of a dispute between two or more post offices of the Member States over the interpretation of the Union`s acts or the responsibility imposed on a Member State by the application of those acts, the issue at issue is settled by an arbitration procedure. [Note 24] The Constitution currently contains ten additional protocols. Kai Lincoln, Managing Director of Cross-Border E-Commerce, SEKO Logistics 08.01.2020 2:06 p.m. is to ensure cooperation and interaction between stakeholders; For the purposes of the Universal Postal Union Act, the following terms have the following meaning: remailing was banned in 1924, but the UPU did not take action against unbalanced flows until 1969. The problem of unbalanced flows became acute after decolonization, when dozens of former European colonies entered the UPU as independent states.