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The strength and relevance of our collective agreements and labour relations activities are determined by our relationship of trust with union companies and by the management of the many union funds. The area covered by the Greater Milwaukee Labor Relations Department`s MCO consists of six County, Milwaukee Metro Region, which includes Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Washington, Kenosha and Racine County. AGC offers framework contracts and contracts negotiated between AGC and the five core business lines. Current collective agreements and salary/marginal summaries are available here. We assist in the resolution of jurisdictional disputes, advise and interpret the language and represent members in the event of professional complaints, disputes and arbitrations with unions with which we have agreements. Any MCO member company may seek support in labour relations if it encounters problems with picket lines or other union organizing efforts. Here you will find copies of all the agreements we negotiate as well as the current rates of pay. Contact Bob Timmons, AGC`s Labour Relations Manager, for more information. Questions about collective agreements and the wage supplement can be directed to our Labour Manager Frank Kazenske. AGC provides support to all of its contractors on labour matters, including contract interpretation, advice on abuse and accommodation bodies, advice on contractual obligations with respect to discipline and dismissal, information on wages and ancillary benefits, applicable wage laws and the Davis Bacon Act. AGC-GM offers a unique legal service for members exclusively for our members. Members of the company can contact our in-house legal counsel free of charge for answers to construction law questions.

Topics covered include contract language, compliance, regulation, labour, employment and certification. Please contact attorney Barry Scholz directly at or (920) 450-1032. All questions will be answered within 72 hours. The autonomy of district work is the characteristic that governs labour relations decisions and services. Agci`s general labour policy is formulated and implemented by the Collective Agreements Committee, whose members are elected in each of the 9 motorway districts. Members who have signed agreements negotiated by the AGC on behalf of their subcontractors may participate in negotiations with AGC on a single employer basis with one or all of the following unions: AGCI negotiates multiple employment contracts with carpenters, cement masons, scrap dealers, workers, company engineers and team stars throughout the state. These agreements are available for download with any grudges on this website. Provides education, training, negotiation and management of collective agreements. The LRD negotiates collective agreements on behalf of its members and non-members with the various unions that work in the motorway/heavy industry. Its members, as trustees, participate in various Community trust funds set up or assisted in accordance with collective agreements. We are committed to changing laws and regulations at the state level to improve the regulatory climate for the benefit of all contractors. Members can register to access additional legal services to members.

Click here to view Washington Construction`s Industry Substance Abuse Program Note: Previous salary/marginal summaries are available upon request. Please contact Andrew Ledbetter. AGC can help you with your dual-gate system and signage….