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The “Below the Line” crew refers to crew members who deal with practical aspects of cinema, such as lighting and sound technicians and screenwriters. Crew members below the line are usually paid every hour, unlike the flat fee charged by crew members above the line. As a result, agreements with the crew below the line are often less complex than those of their homonces above the line. It can often be very complicated to use too many extras in a feature film, when there are times when it is indispensable. Manufacturers usually use a standard endorsement that sets the price and credit for extras. Extras may also belong to the SAG and, if so, their employment contracts must contain conditions that meet all the requirements set by the sag rules. Recently, a filmmaker at the Pitch/Film Festival in Edinburgh asked me a very interesting question about the rights of life. He asked if he could prevent a media outlet from telling a story about a person or person in a way that competed with his next documentary. He wanted to know if his life rights would make a difference in a person`s or a person`s story. The short answer is “no”; There is really no legal protection of the “rights of life”. A right of life agreement obliges the subject selling his or her life rights to cooperate with the buyer..

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