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In a study conducted in late 2019 – early 2020, more than 90% of students said they would recommend OLA to their colleagues. In addition, 93% of IROs believe that all learning agreements should be put online via an easy-to-use tool. Erasmus Plus students must complete their e-learning agreement under www.learning-agreement.eu. This European platform allows you to obtain comments, authorizations and signatures from the coordinators of the two universities directly online and download the documents from the site, avoiding the transmission of scans and signatures by e-mail. Instructions for this procedure are available in our e-Learning Agreement (OLA) guide. DreamApply is the exclusive owner of the intellectual property and offers maintenance and technical support for the service dream-agreement.eu. The development of the tool is funded by the revenue generated by existing users of the DreamApply exchange management software. We are pleased to inform you that a new version of the e-learning platform has been launched! After a monumental development work that has been the best part of the last 10 months, OLA 3.0 is now available to the entire Erasmus community, having been completely rebuilt. The learning agreement can only be modified once per semester through the specific section “During mobility”) which must also be completed online under www.learning-agreement.eu.

Once signed by all, download the PDF of the platform and send it to incoming@unipr.it before the following dates: October 30 (first semester) and March 30 (second semester). To do this, one party (preferably the student, see below) launches the agreement and informs the other parties. All three parties have access to the display and processing of the content of the agreement and the addition of electronic signatures to the document. We never modify the agreements that are stored on this service, nor do we share them with other parties, except those that users have expressly designated. Any use of the European emblem by us will be in accordance with the “Administrative Agreement with the Council of Europe on the use of the European emblem by third parties” (2012/C 271/04). The European emblem is used exclusively to refer to the ERASMUS+ programme. .