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Check the content of your email before sending, yes. Make sure you don`t forget to include your ID, username, and email address. Once everything is done, immediately send the complaint by email. Then wait for the response from the Tencent Games support team, yes. Hopefully, your account can still be backed up and reused. Thus, it is the way to overcome the pubg mobile account that is blocked according to the cause. PUBG has an official website for charging issues, but many players are looking for other alternative ways. Maybe because it`s cheaper and more varied than the site. Thus, due to an illegal top-up, reinstate the pubg account as follows: the purchase through an unauthorized service is directly contrary to the PUBG MOBILE User Agreement and may result in the loss of all illegal purchases and / or blocking of the account depending on its severity. 5. Once the shipping is complete, you need to wait for an email response through your pubg account that has been affected by the block. Subject: I cannot log in to my PUBG account Message: Dear administrator.

Help me, I can`t log in to my account. I think someone stole my account on the phishing site and used illegal programs. Here is my account DetailID: (cantumin Your ID) email: (cantumin your email) username : (cantumin username you) Please check my account and help me to take back my accountRegard, name kamuemail support pubg sample SQUAD, GET TO THE SAFE ZONE ! Tencent is appealing to all PUBG MOBILE players not to load through unofficial or illegal payment channels. Because it may have the effect of blocking or blocking your account within the specified period. Resumption expected until:1. Official website: Official Channel Google Play Store and Apple App Store3. Official top-up channel We were still specifying on Facebook Please fill in the following data to allow the PUBG MOBILE team to verify or verify your account. If you have any further questions, please contact CS Kami at [email protected] So how do I recover the affected pubg Mobile account? Don`t worry about this problem. We are here to tell you how to restore blocked pubg account, take a look at our statement. The OpenSSL toolkit remains below a dual license, i.e. the terms of the OpenSSL license and the original SSLeay license apply to the toolkit.

You will find the latest license texts below. Your browser does not allow you to contact us from this site because third-party cookies are disabled….